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Cherry Hill, NJ - September 29th, 2017 - Indie label Unable Records releases the 10th recording of Denver punk rock stalwarts King Rat.

The genesis of No Apologies No Regrets began in the Dominican Republic in the spring of 2016. The band embarked on an adventure to play acoustic songs on the beach while bearing witness to their bass player Anthony’s DeLilli’s union with his longtime sweetheart, Gina.

Fitting with the band’s pedigree as rogues, the event was definitively unorthodox. Anthony asked Luke Schmaltz, the band’s singer/songwriter and founding member to officiate his wedding. As an ordained minister of The Jedi Church, Luke eagerly obliged. He arrived in the Dominican Republic two days early to get acclimated and to review the wedding vows he painstakingly crafted at the request of the bride and groom.

Luke and his wife, Christal spent their first night in the Caribbean with Anthony and Gina. They immersed themselves in the tropical surroundings and copious, Herculean amounts of rum. They sang King Rat songs and other punk rock favorites while pondering the future of the band into the wee hours.

The next afternoon over breakfast, Luke mumbled to Anthony between dry heaves “Dude I had an incredible dream last night.”

  “Oh yeah” muttered Anthony “me too.”

  “Well” Luke continued “I dreamt that we got offered a record deal from an indie label. Like, an actual deal with distribution and dividends and shit. I wrote a bunch of new songs that turned out pretty damn good.”

Anthony dropped his fork and sputtered “shut the hell up, dude. You’ve got to be kidding me!”  

  “No kidding.”

  “Man” Anthony leaned forward into his eggs “I had the same god damn dream!”

  “OK bozo … it’s too early for you to start mocking me. Knock it off.”

  “No really! Some label I’d never heard of before made us an offer, we recorded a new album and we were playing huge gigs in new places.”

  Luke wondered out loud “What the hell was in that rum?”

Three weeks later, back in Colorado, Luke received an email notification from Music X-ray -- a music submission platform. An indie record label was looking for a band with old-school punk rock songs in the vein of Ramones, Rancid and Teenage Bottlerocket. Usually dismissing such notices as spam or dead ends, Luke remembered his and Anthony’s identical dreams in the Dominican Republic and decided “what the hell.”  

The label was Unable Records, and upon receiving King Rat’s music, they immediately replied expressing interest in working with the band.

The following weeks rendered a mutually beneficial recording and distributing contract. Once the documents were signed, Luke, Anthony, the band’s lead guitarist Mike Makkay and drummer Doug Hopper got to crafting new songs and six weeks later No Apologies No Regrets was written. The record was engineered, mixed and mastered by Felipe Patino at Green Door Recordings in Denver and contains what is arguably King Rat’s finest work yet.

Upon preliminary listen, longtime advocates of the band are calling it a “breakout album,” “a must-listen for punk fans” and “an instant classic.” Find out for yourself here at the Unable Records/King Rat Private Listening Page.

Band Contact:

Luke Schmaltz


Label Contact:

Mike Ransom