The Top 30 Bands King Rat has "Shared the Stage With" (Read as 'Opened Up For')


The Top 30 Bands King Rat has "Shared the Stage With" (Read as 'Opened Up For')

A recent trend circulating among musicians on social media is to list all of the famous bands you have played with. Not to be left out -- I am compelled to share King Rat's list of world class acts we had the privilege of spitting into the same microphone as. Punk rock bands, thrash noise, metal acts and straight up rock and roll groups ... it's been one helluva ride thus far and we can't wait to meet more quality people out there in the wholesome world of live music. See y'all in church ... 

The Stepmother Fuckers

Jimmy Sensitive and the Bedwetters

Donkey Schlong

SHAG (Selfless Humble Agents of Good)

Willing Conformist

The Bald Barbers

Baby Dropper

Voluntary Prisoner

The Forthcoming Molesters

Thumbless Hitchhiker

TWAT (Turbulent Women Are Tough)

Puke With Pride

Diaper Sniffer

Lobotomy Prophet

Orangutan Poopy Pants

Rotten Harvest

My Wife the Whore

Racist Minority

The Generous Junkies

Knuckle Dragger and the Mouth Breathers

Orphans of Extortion

Honest Abe and the Tab Walkers

Varsity Slapfight

Harmonious Home Life

I Fucked Your Girlfriend

Insects of Incest

Leather Motor Fist

The Surviving Abortions

Judge Butt Fudge

Seattle Rip Off

I know we left out a few, but after all ... the title of this post only calls for 30 names so if you think your band should be on this list -- well -- I forgot and next time you see me please kick me in the balls. Thank you.